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Frame size calculator

Your perfect Framesize

This is a step-by-step procedure to find out the perfect framesize:

    • Put your shoes off and lean with your back against a wall.
    • Put a book between your legs and pull it completely to the top (yes: completely ;-) )
    • Measure from ground to the upper top side of the book.
    • This is your inner leg length.

Put your inner leg length in centimeters into this form:

Perfect size roadbike: 3

Perfect size MTB: -4

What to do if you are between two sizes?

Both sizes will fit - but there's a general guidance:

Opt for the smaller size if:

+ you have long legs/short upper body

+ do regular racing

Opt for the larger size if:

+ you have short legs/long upper body

+ you enjoy a relaxed ride

+ you do marathon racing

To put it in anutshell: a smaller bike is more agile, a larger bike more comfortable. We recommend to always go for the smaller option if in between. We also can assure you that your bike will fit in the end: we can adapt saddle, stem, seatpost, handlebar. So there's a lot of option to find your perfect position.